This groundbreaking Bachelor-Master program unites passions for discovery research and the desire to understand its role in commerce.

Combines specializations for

Multifaceted Training

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Competitive Edge in the Biomedical Field


 From the Director

Welcome to the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization (BDC) program. Since its inception in 2015, this multidisciplinary training program, concentrated in the biomedical sciences, equips graduates with strong discovery research skills, business acumen and a meaningful experiential connection to Health Sciences related sectors. Built upon an innovative ‘4+1’ Bachelor – Master program with over 150 undergraduate BDC and 40 Master of BDC graduates, this program has quickly become a key driver in seeding the next generation of entrepreneurial, scientific, and business leaders in the Canadian pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical investment sectors and beyond.

The program provides both bachelor and master’s level training at the interface of biomedical science, business and the health sciences sector, based on a commitment among teaching faculty to active, team-based learning. Students receive intensive training in the biomedical sciences as well as essential business skills and street smarts. The program prides itself on incorporating career development in the curriculum, providing routine occasions for reflection and mentorship by leaders in the community.

The undergraduate program begins in level III for students in the Health, Life, and Physical Sciences and emphasizes biomedical science courses while integrating key business elements with commerce courses from McMaster’s DeGroote School of Business. Students in other programs may also be eligible to apply, depending on their educational background. Most level III courses are purpose-built to expose students to real-world problems and thinking in modern drug discovery and development. Students continue this in level IV while doing an intensive senior thesis in the biomedical sciences. The graduate year builds on this training with MBA courses, new venture planning, career development skills, engagement with the local and regional industrial community, and includes a four to eight-month internship in the pharmaceutical, therapeutic, biotechnology, finance, or consulting sectors.

McMaster’s Dr. Eric Brown and the staff of the BDC program, with support of faculty in Health Sciences and Business, created this exceptional training program and I am honoured to take over as Director in July 2019. Having worked in both industry and academia, with an emphasis upon data sciences and biomedical research, I am very excited to be involved in this multidisciplinary program as I have seen first-hand the success of our graduates and the increasingly high esteem with which they are regarded by industry. I look forward to the continued growth of our program and students and invite anyone interested in an impactful career at the intersection of biomedical research and commerce to join us.

Andrew G. McArthur, Program Director, Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

These are the skills needed to thrive in the pharmaceutical, therapeutic, consulting and biotech sectors

The Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization (BDC) program is a limited enrollment offering by the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences with key contributions from the DeGroote School of Business. The training program encompasses level III and IV of undergraduate studies as well as a 12-month course-based Masters program. The latter includes a four to eight-month internship in health sciences related sectors.

This limited enrollment program affords a unique educational experience for students seeking first-rate training in the biomedical sciences with an emphasis on drug discovery and development. Advanced training in biomedical discovery comes from accomplished research faculty who provide individual mentorship in cutting-edge research investigations, and award-winning professors in the DeGroote School of Business instruct students in the fundamentals of commerce. At the nexus of science and business, the program reaches out in an extraordinary way to the commercial health sciences sector for its participation, both as guest lecturers in the classroom and as mentors in the community. 

In all, innovative educational methods using experiential, inquiry and team based learning approaches are a hallmark for this exciting program. Thus, students will benefit from a vanguard, multi-disciplinary educational experience aimed at positioning graduates for career success in health sciences related sectors.


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